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About Us


Eurodecor  is a decoration company that manufacture and supply, kitchen cabinets, bathroom furniture and sanitary wares, bedroom and doors. A main distributor of big brands from Germany, Turkey, Russia,Korea and many more countries across the Globe.

Established in 2016, Eurodecor strives to strengthen its position as a market leader by applying creative experience and sheer innovation to source, develop and distribute every kind of furnishing that continually generate new interest and excitement for both the corporate clients and consumers in the Europe and West Africa.

Eurodecor has one branch in West Africa that showcase kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, interior and security doors and more decoration products. You can get Eurodecor products  with quality, comfort, impression, ambiance and luxury with reasonable prices...

With supplies of these products from across the globe, Eurodecor has a vast collection of designs that are unique and are made from top of the line, eco friendly and high grade materials.

With a mission to supply unmatched quality and artistic wisdom to be surprising and to encourage curiosity and an urge to experiment  in a playful way, 

Eurodecor has achieved a profound reputation as one of the most versatile, professional and capable decoration supplier company in Ghana .

All this helps to create an interesting home or office one unlike any other. Eurodecor  wants to share new design and colours which you cant find anywhere in Ghana.

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